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We can invest in entrepreneurs and their ideas, early to late stage businesses, or we can start a business ourselves.


We look for co-investors to leverage our work, share networks and knowledge and achieve greater impact.


We are not tied to one type of financing like private equity but decide on the most suitable solutions case-by-case.


We seek to achieve the right balance between financial return and environmental impact.


Take action now

One of the greatest challenges of our time is to ensure the prosperity and well-being of over 9 billion people, the estimated world population by 2050. Shaping a sustainable future for current and coming generations calls for new ideas and solutions.
Current financial capital can and should be used to support this paradigm shift. We support business ideas enabling to make better use of resources, developing eco-efficient technologies and promoting environmental lifestyles and behaviors.


Partner with us

Partner with us

Entrepreneurs & ideas

Partner with us for your sustainable ventures and ideas

Flexibility – We take a flexible approach to new ventures to achieve our sustainability objectives

Approach – We will be looking at the viability of your business idea beyond its pure financial impact

Creativity – We are creative in terms of financing solutions, looking to achieve the right structure for your venture

Network – We will help expanding your network, building a solid business and getting the right advice and partners (entrepreneurs, investors, scientists…)

Support – You will get the support from a team of experienced investment and business development professionals passionate about sustainability ventures

Partner with us


Benefit from our sustainable investment strategies and take part in building new businesses, new ideas and new solutions


Opportunities – Access a range of promising entrepreneurial projects benefiting the environment

Returns – Combine financial and environmental investment returns

Expertise – Benefit from our expertise in business development, financial analysis and structuring

Network – Connect with like-minded investors and thought-leaders

Commitment – Share our passion for conservation of natural environments

Partner with us

Community of experts

Join our quest to build an expert community and bridge the gap between investment and sustainability


Community – Stakeholder partnership is critical to overcome the current sustainability challenges

New ideas – We believe our venture firm can be part of the solution. Our new model focuses on turning scientific and business innovation into sustainable companies

Shifting paradigm – Taking a sustainable approach to business development and investment is much needed. Measures of success are both financial and environmental


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