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Climate change

Climate Change

The inevitable move to a low carbon economy is one of the greatest business opportunities of our generation. Any individual, business or institution can find pragmatic solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Greenhouse gas – High concentration in the atmosphere is the driver of climate change More

Temperatures – Most of the warmest years since 1850 occurred over the last 20 years More

Current trend – Average temperatures likely to increase by more than 3°C by 2100 More



Extreme weather patterns – Heat waves, storms, droughts and floodings

Rising sea-levels and ocean acidification – Widespread coral mortality

Geography & demography – Displacement and increased risk for millions of people

Biodiversity – 30% of species at high risk of extinction


Insights & Opportunities

Everyday life – Simple actions can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions More

Greenhouse gas emissions – Reduction targets can be embedded in business decision-making processes More