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Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprint

Decision-making processes need to change to reflect the costs of our activities for the environment. New tools and methodologies are being developed to provide the relevant footprint information and enable us to make the right decisions.


Resources – 50% excess resources used compared to what the Earth can provide More

Current trend – Humanity set to require an equivalent of 2.9 planets by 2050 More



Overconsumption – Depletion of the Earth’s resources is a vastly underestimated threat to human well-being

Current lifestyles – Undermining the health of our planet and its ability to continue providing food, energy and water


Insights & Opportunities

Footprint – Tools are available to measure your own footprint: Global Footprint Network and WWF

Environmental accounting – Leaders in sustainability are implementing new tools to measure the full costs of their business activities for the environment. More